Eastern Trade Winds by Agustus-Collection :: Osmeña “Pearls” or Nautilus “Pearls”

Osmeña “Pearls” or Nautilus “Pearls”

Osmeña “Pearls” or Nautilus “Pearls”

Osmeña “Pearls” are also called Nautilus “Pearls” or Nautilus “Mabe Pearls”.

It is important to understand that Osmeña “Pearls” are NOT true real pearls. It is technically mother of peal.

True Osmeña or Osmina “pearls” is a cut and polished shell from the inner chamber of the nautilus mollusk (actually the inner spiral of the shell). This cut shell is filled with resin and closed with a piece of mother-of-pearl to complete a domed flat backed cabochon.

The Nautilus pompilius belongs to the family of Cephalopods; they are related to octopus, cuttle fish and the likes.

The nautilus shell is composed of 2 layers: the outer layer is a matte white, while the inner layer is a striking white with iridescence. The innermost portion of the shell is a pearlescent blue-gray.

The silver blue color of Osmeña is 100% natural without any dye or other enhancements. It is durable to use for any jewelry.

Osmeña are quite different from what you might consider “normal” pearls.

Due to this one flattened side, Osmeña Nautilus “pearls” become the ideal choice for jewelry such as earrings and rings which allow for a secure setting, and a concealed flat back.


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